The Drapery Is in the Details

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Simple living room with yellow/bronze drapery.

When it comes to interior design, the smallest details can make the biggest impact. This is especially true when it comes to drapery hardware. The right hardware can elevate the look of your drapery, adding elegance and sophistication to any room. At Vesta, we understand the importance of these details, which is why we offer a wide range of decorative drapery hardware collections to suit any style.

The Drapery Is in the Details

Drapery hardware is more than just a functional element; it’s a design statement. The right hardware can complement your drapery fabric, enhance your overall decor, and even become a focal point in the room. At Vesta, we believe that the drapery is in the details, which is why we offer a variety of collections to suit every taste.


For traditional settings characterized by deep wood tones, architectural details, and elegant furnishings, Vesta offers 11 collections that will pair perfectly. These collections feature finials that are sometimes ornate and are typically paired with drapery hardware featuring rich, robust colors, adding a touch of sophistication to any traditional space.

The “Traditional” collection from Vesta includes a variety of styles to suit different traditional design aesthetics. The Blacksmith collection features the raw beauty of hand-forged iron hardware. Vesta discovered a talented local artisan skilled in the old-world art of blacksmithing. Each piece is meticulously hand-forged and tempered by fire in three rustic finishes. The Brise Brise features solid brass hardware designed for café style light-weight treatments reminiscent of classic European designs. The Castillian collection features solid brass hardware designed to complement any traditional design setting.

Other collections in the “Traditional” lineup include Crystal Magic, European Elegance, Helena, Highland Timber, Hunley, Mediterranean, Opera, and Royal Britannica. Each collection offers its own unique style and features, allowing you to find the perfect hardware to complement your traditional decor.

Modern Collections

For those with a modern design aesthetic, Vesta offers 5 collections that are ideal. Modern design leans heavily on geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, perfect circles, ovals, and smooth-flowing curves. These collections feature sleek and minimalist designs, with finials and hardware crafted from glossy materials and light finishes like brushed nickel or stainless steel. These pieces are perfect for adding a contemporary flair to any modern space, with clean lines and a sophisticated look.

Vesta’s “Modern” collection includes Apollo, Crystalene, GeoLux, Le Mans, and Mistral. These collections feature modern, minimalist designs that will complement contemporary furnishings and decor. The Apollo collection offers the bold strength of steel construction and five captivating finishes. Subtle elegance, various finial styles, and an excellent price point make this collection an appealing solution for the discriminate designer. The Crystalene collection features clean acrylic rods in 1.1/8” and 1.3/8” diameters accentuated with two classic finial designs and a traditional end cap. Finial bases, brackets, and rings are offered in satin nickel and polished chrome and are in stock for quick shipping. 

The GeoLux collection offers precisely machined, beautiful components from stainless steel and aluminum in popular finishes to provide a modern touch of elegance. A variety of bracket designs are available, creating a unique look and mounting flexibility. The Le Mans collection features stylish and sleek finial designs for use on tubing or tracks. This is ideal for light to medium-weight treatments, adding a touch of panache to any window décor. The Mistral collection offers petite finial designs, all produced to the highest standards. The hardware in this product grouping is ideally suited for contemporary light-weight café style window treatments. Six popular finishes are available and in stock for quick shipping.

In conclusion, the right drapery hardware can make all the difference in your home decor. At Vesta, we offer a wide range of collections to suit every style, from traditional to modern. Whether you’re looking for something ornate and elegant or sleek and modern, we have the perfect hardware to elevate your drapery and transform your space.

Vesta’s collections are designed to help you create the perfect finishing touch for your windows. Our products are crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that they not only look beautiful but also function flawlessly. With Vesta, you can trust that your drapery hardware will be of the highest quality, adding beauty and style to your project for years to come. Explore our collections today and discover how Vesta can help you make a statement with your drapery hardware.