Choosing the Perfect Finials

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Various finials from Vesta lined up on white background with the title "Choosing the Perfect Finials" above it.

In the world of interior design, the details are what truly define a space. Finials may seem small, but they play a crucial role in tying together your drapery and overall room aesthetic. At Vesta Drapery Hardware, we recognize the impact that the right finials can have on a design. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect finials for your projects.


1. Understand the Room’s Style

The style of the room should guide your choice of finials. Whether the space is modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic, there are finials to match every aesthetic.

  • Modern Interiors: Choose finials with clean lines and geometric shapes, often in materials like glass, metal, or acrylic.
  • Traditional Spaces: Opt for ornate designs with intricate details in finishes such as antique brass, bronze, or wood.
  • Rustic Designs: Consider finials made from natural materials like wood or wrought iron with distressed finishes.
  • Eclectic Rooms: Feel free to mix and match bold, unique designs that can serve as a focal point.


2. Consider the Scale and Proportion

Finials should be proportional to the drapery hardware and the overall scale of the room. Oversized finials can overpower a small window or room, while too-small finials may look out of place on a large window.

  • Large Windows and Rooms: Use substantial, statement-making finials that draw the eye.
  • Small Windows and Cozy Spaces: Opt for more delicate, understated finials that add elegance without overwhelming the space.


3. Coordinate with Existing Hardware and Décor

Finials should harmonize with other hardware and décor elements in the room. Matching or complementing the finishes of curtain rods, tiebacks, and other hardware creates a cohesive look.

  • Matching Finishes: Ensure finials match the finish of your curtain rods for a seamless appearance.
  • Complementary Styles: Choose finials that complement other room elements like furniture hardware, light fixtures, and decorative accessories.


4. Reflect the Functionality

While aesthetics are crucial, functionality should not be overlooked. Ensure the finials you choose are easy to install and maintain.

  • Easy Installation: Select finials with straightforward installation mechanisms that ensure they stay securely in place.
  • Durable Materials: Opt for high-quality materials that withstand daily use and environmental factors.


Finials may be a small detail, but they have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a room. By considering the room’s style, scale, existing hardware, functionality, and opportunities for customization, interior designers can select the perfect finials to complete their drapery designs.

At Vesta Drapery Hardware, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality finials to suit any design project. Explore our collections and discover the ideal finishing touch for your next interior design masterpiece. Additionally, we are excited to announce the release of our new catalog, featuring the latest in drapery hardware trends and designs. Download the Vesta Drapery Hardware catalog today and let it inspire your next design venture.